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On 08-04-2013, Our Tamil Edition "Virudhunagar Mavatta Thagaval 2013-14" book was released by Virudhunagar District Collector

Mr.Hariharan and received by Bhagavathi Art Crafts Mr. Rajasekaran.      



On 26-05-2014, "Virudhunagar Mavatta Thagaval 2014-15" edition was released by District Collector  Sri T.N.Hariharan I.A.S.

and received by Publisher R.Raju. Also present in that occasion are entreprenurs Mr.S.Sivaraj B.B.A., and Mr. Samuel 

Arokiya Raj.


2017-18 book released by Virudhunagar District Collector Mr.A.Sivagnanam I.A.S.,