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Fireworks Industries

 Durga Colour Match Factory, Durga Colour Sparklers Factory - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. High Quality Colour Matches and Sparklers...
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Address: Alagammal Illam, 40, P.K.S.A.A.Road,,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-276145,9750944571,9773129527

 Kala Fireworks Industries, Falcon Fireworks Factory, Rajakamal Fireworks (P) Ltd. - Sivakasi ...
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Address: 2/673-A, K.S.A.Rajadurai Nagar, Vilampatti Road,Sivakasi-626124
Contact Nos: -,8870013800, 98430 99051

 King-Kong Fireworks Industries - Kovilpatti      
Mfrs. of King-Kong Brand Atom Bomb. ...
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Address: S.P.Building, 733/5, Kadalaiyoor Road,Kovilpatti-628501
Contact Nos: 04632-229244,9443120872

 Muthiah Fireworks Factory - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Best Quality 333 Brand Firwork...
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Address: 50, Patti Street,,Sivakasi-626123
Contact Nos: 04562-277241,9843098763

 Pandian Colour Matches - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of Stag Brand Colour Matches. Prop. : S. Jaw...
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Address: No.263, P.K.S.A.Arumugam Road,Sivakasi-626123
Contact Nos: 04562-650567,82203 82223, 73737 67876

 Raju Sparklers - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of LIBRA Brand Sparklers ...
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Address: 125A-3/222A-3, Ammankovilpatti Middle St.,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: -,9486287317,9092484823

 Royal Caps Industries, Royal Serpent Eggs Factory - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Quality TIGER Brand Amorces (D...
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Address: 27, Seeni Street, (Amman Mada Veethi),Sivakasi-626123
Contact Nos: 04562-224522,9843088678

 Royal Firworks Industries Firm - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Superior Quality Tiger Brand&n...
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Address: 35, Athi Nadar Street,,Sivakasi-626123
Contact Nos: 04562-272422,04562-276922

 Selvi Fireworks, Selvi Amorces, Selvi Colour Matches - Sivakasi      
Manufacturer of JJ Brand Fireworks ...
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Address: 417, Sattur Main Road,Sivakasi-626123
Contact Nos: 04562-236009,9442136010

 Senthil Fireworks Industries - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Quality Pyro-Technique Product...
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Address: 1797(O.No.14K), P.K.N.Road,,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-272394,274394,9843021395,9443138025

 Sree Ganesh Fieworks, Ganesh Fireworks Industries, Sri Ganesh Cap Works - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of High Quality Fish Brand Firworks, Crac...
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Address: 470, Chairman P.K.S.A.Arumugam Road,.,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: -,04562-274498

 Sree Sivaraj Fireworks Factory, Parwathi Fireworks Industries, Sivaraj Crackers, Durairaj Traders - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Pankha and Beer Brand Firework...
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Address: 3/162, Sivakamipuram Colony, Sattur Road, ,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-274800,9443258067,9843247772

 Sri Arumugam Fireworks, Shreenivas Amorces Industries, Shreenivas Fireworks Industries, - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Firworks, Fancies, Crackers, S...
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Address: Sri Arumuga Bhavan, 212, Ammankovilpatti Middle Street.,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-277277,278277,04562-279277 fax

 Sri Ganpath Fireworks Factory - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of Quality Firworks. ...
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Address: 14/25A, Shanmuga Nadar Compound, P.K.N.Road, Bye Pass Road.,Sivakasi-
Contact Nos: 04562-272229,9443360131,7373166677

 Sri Harish Pyrotechs - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of Quality Fireworks, Novelties, Fancy Fi...
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Address: 3/1333-3, 3/1333-4, Sattur Road, ,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-278724,9600876351,9600876359

 Sri Parasakthi Fireworks, Sree Chakkara Cap Works - Sivakasi      
Manufacturers of Fireworks, Crackers and Paper ...
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Address: New 356/Old 190, Palaniandavarpuram Colony, Next Lions School Gate (East),Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-223039,227859,9442989802,9994927646,9443129804

 Sri Venkatesh Fire Works - Sivakasi      
Sri Venkatesh Fireworks & Muthurathinam Cra...
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Address: Sastha Nagar, Opp.TNSTC Depot, Near Globe Offset, Sivakasi.,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: -,9245189982

 Sriram Fireworks - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of High Quality Chetak, 335 & Pushpak...
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Address: 3/635, Sattur Main Road,,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-279382,9843089949

 Supreme Fireworks Factory - Sivakasi      
Exclusively committed for Hi-Quality Novelties....
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Address: 91/E-1, P.K.S.Arumuga Nadar Road,,Sivakasi-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-272990,Res.:27990, Grams : Dhanush

 The Classic Fireworks Industries - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. of Garuda Brand Fireworks ...
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Address: 9-D-1, Vembakottai Road.,Sivakasi-626123
Contact Nos: 04562-221393,04562-225556

 The Orient Fireworks Industries, Orient Fireworks - Sivakasi      
Mfrs. High Quality Puppy Brand Fancy Fireworks ...
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Address: Vijayakarisalkulam Post, V.Duraisamypuram.,Sivakasi-
Contact Nos: 04562-285165,285914,9443351964,9443378914

 Vadivel Pyrotechs Private Limited - Aruupukottai      
Since 1945. e-mail : ...
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Address: 217/G, Opp. Kamarajar Matriculation School, Sattur Road, Anupankulam, Sivakasi.,Aruupukottai-626189
Contact Nos: 04562-251351,09489088355